I did go running today. And I went yesterday too. I think that’s four days in a row, but who’s counting, besides me? Seems like it’s getting a tiny bit easier. But I need new shoes now.

I need to figure out what I get after running for 30 days in a row. Ideas?

Today was unseasonably warm, about 72′ I think, according to my car. I got in my car after I went running, so I could get coffee and Soy Lemon Cake at the Strictly Organic coffee shop with my friend Jen. The same Jen who faithfully reads my blog and comments. Seriously, how could I refuse?

Soy Lemon Cake sounds weird, I know, but OMG, it was dreadfully good. The baker must have used soy milk, I’m guessing. Soy flour is not so dreadfully good, I’ve tried it. That was back in the old days when I cut out wheat, dairy, citrus, corn, sugar, alcohol and…everything else that tasted remotely good. But I felt great and my skin was Ivory Snow, I tell you. That was a long, long time ago.

So I was sprinting up a hill (a short hill) and lo and behold there at the top was a mommy deer and her two babies. Yikes. She stopped eating bushes and stared at me. I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to stare her down or avoid eye contact. Deer are different than cougars in this regard, right?

We had a fantastically strange and rare occurrence of “Berserk Llama Syndrome” here in Central Oregon last month, where a Llama attacked a mom who was running down the road. Holy Cow, that’s a reason to give up running right there. I thought of that story when I saw the deer. Seems like if I were a mommy deer, I might go berserk if I had to. Fight someone off with my bare hooves.

So I had to stop running, of course. I didn’t want her to chase me. Half a block later, I saw the dogs. One looked like a dingo. I’m not kidding. Must have been one of those farm dogs. One was a Border Collie. Definitely a farm dog, who would attempt to herd up some baby deer, if given the chance.

The dogs were sitting in their driveway, staring at me. I love dogs, I usually show no fear. But these dogs…they just kept staring. They were stood up, on alert. Maybe they smelled deer and couldn’t figure out why I was there. They could have just wondered why I stopped in front of their house and started staring at them, I suppose. But I didn’t think of that at the time.

Of course, my fear of the deer immediately changed to fear for the deer. I didn’t want the deer to attack me, but I sure didn’t want the dogs to attack the deer. Or me. So I stared down the dogs. I’m pretty good at being dominate female with dogs, especially with a good, sour glare.

The Dingo turned around and walked back towards his Mercedes. Lucky dogs, with nice cars and nice brick driveways (probably heated, I’m sure.) They were Richy Rich West Side Bend dogs. Not too concerned with herding, livestock I suppose. Probably get organic hamburger for dinner.

Wait, my dog just had some leftover organic hamburger tonight. I don’t consider her a Richy Rich dog. She’s more of a middle class dog. I bought the hamburger at Costco. Did you know Coscto has organic hamburger now? Well, they do.

Anyway, about the driveway dogs and the deer: it all turned out just fine. No one attacked anyone, and after walking for another half a block, I realized I was just being lazy, looking for an excuse to stop, and pull a power trip on a Dingo and his sidekick, so I started running again.

At least it was down hill.