Speaking of Susan Taylor and Awbrey Butte, has anyone heard from Sally Heatherton lately?

Some Bend blog readers may recall her sad, but hilarious story. She started her blog a couple of months ago to explain her view of what was really going on up on the “Butte.” She said that nice people like herself who lived on Awbrey didn’t dislike Susan Taylor, they just didn’t want to see her clean laundry hanging outside on a clothesline. Especially since the blatant clothes hanging act was against the clearly stated CC&R’s of the upscale neighborhood.

Sally was a successful realtor here in Bend, according to her, and, well, things just went from bad to worse for Sally and her husband, Bob the Builder. Last we heard, she left Bob, moved to Portland, and put her Awbrey Butte house on the market.

Then, it seems, her blog got hacked, and someone put pictures of scantily clad women up there, which must be very embarrassing for Sally. I think the women look tacky. I wonder how many Black Rope Martinis they had?

Here is Sally’s blog:


We’d all like to think Sally’s real, since she’s so nice, but most of us fear she’s someone’s parody of Bend’s ongoing struggle with over-priced housing in a national real estate market slump.

If Hollywood’s looking for a new screenplay, since all their writers are on strike, Sally’s story would be a marvelous movie. If only we could find her!

Someone must know something about Sally.