I met the actors and I went to their first big party last night at McMenniman’s. There are bunch of them in Bend now. Actors, producers, directors, voice talent, makeup artists, and even some of those “key grip” type people. I didn’t ask what key grips do, but I will. How many keys really need gripping in a movie, anyway?

Apparently, moving from Hollywood to Bend is becoming a trend. Imagine. Trading smog for snow. They want to live here, and they want more movies to be made here so they don’t have to fly back to the dreaded city of Angeles to go to work.

So they made a nice non-profit called Film Oregon Alliance: http://www.filmoregon.org/ where they can network and organize. Seems there are over 200 people here in Bend signed up already. And they have a business plan and everything. Actors are smart. Some of them just play dumb on T.V.

The thing about actors is they’re fun. I’m sure some of the super-duper movie stars can be a pain, but all that starvation and plastic surgery can’t be much fun, and I’d be crabby too if I were a super star.

But the regular actors, the working guys and gals who plug along for years making movies and T.V. who are here today and here tomorrow, they’re fun. They have the “goofball” gene, which is the biggest compliment I can give anyone. If you take yourself too seriously, you’re boring.

I like these actors and writers. I’m glad we’ve got so many here. I wish some of them would write a sit-com about the clothesline issue on Awbury Butte. Seems like some good material in there, for a Wednesday night show. Maybe it’d be a drama, though, not a comedy.

I wonder who’d play Susan Taylor. Julia Roberts did such a nice job in that Erin Brakovich movie, she’d probably capture the clothesline neighborhood angst thing pretty well. Maybe even earn another Oscar.

I’d like to be a key grip on that job!

By the way, the photo of two famous actors, above, was taken by Bonnie Morrissey, a famous photographer.