So, it turns out my new best friend, Gina Kolata from the NY Times, is actually pretty cool and here is why (besides the fact that her name rhymes with Pina Colada):

#1: I emailed her to tell her I liked her article and she emailed me right back! I’m always surprised when that happens.

Writers are nice that way. I think they’re so happy that people actually read what they wrote, that they have to respond. Except when I wrote to Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was 9 to tell her how much I loved her books, and she didn’t answer back.

My mom told me she was dead, and I burst in to tears. My mom thought I knew, since Laura and Mary were pioneer girls, and the dates were right there in the book. Boy, did she feel bad. I just wasn’t really thinking that Laura would have been around 120 years old, or so, when I was 9. I thought she was maybe my grandma’s age. I think my grandma was about 56 then.

But back to Gina Kolata: She did not even brag about how fabulous she is in real life. So, I Googled her.

#2: Lo and behold, she was on Comedy Central talking with Stephen Colbert. She looked very smart and funny on t.v.

Maybe she could be Colbert’s Vice President? Oh wait, he quit. Damn. Can you imagine how much easier it’d be for America if our president could just get North Korea to laugh a little? Not snicker, but actually laugh?

But anyway, back to Gina Kolata (“and getting caught in the rain…”):

#3: She wrote a book called “Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss–and the Myths and Realities of Dieting.” I have not read it, but I think it is about being healthy, embracing the chub, and so forth and so on.

And she thinks it’s okay to be chubby, and she’s not chubby, so she isn’t just saying that to make herself feel better, like I am. I can justify my chub all the way to the moon and back. I’d lighter on the moon, right?

I did not know about Gina Kolata’s book when I said she was my best friend. If I were more organized, I would sign my blog up for Amazon and plug her book for my own financial gain, but instead I will just tell the world to go buy the book because she is nice and funny and smart.

Those are my three biggest criteria for best friends. Plus, they need to laugh at my jokes. Why have them around otherwise?

Here’s Gina Kolata talking to Mr. Colbert. You have to watch an ad first, just ignore it. Then she’ll come on next.

See, I told you she’s nice. I’m so lucky I found her!

I was so busy working on this today, that I forgot to go running. Oops. Maybe tomorrow.