This is a guest post for Chubby Mommy Running Club by Jen Floyd. You can read more of Jen’s ramblings on her blog, life is weird (and so am i).

This year I will be celebrating my 35th birthday. I have been working hard to get into better shape, and take better care of myself in general this year. In particular I’ve been eating better and exercising more regularly.

It’s time to kick it up a notch, though. I am going to start running again.

If you know me, you probably know that I am not a huge fan of running. I used to run a LOT in my younger days. I ran cross country and for “fun” in high school. During college, running was a major part of the work-out with the crew team. I was never very fast but I enjoyed the time outside. After having kids, my running time seems to be centered on keeping up with the younger set.

So here’s the deal. Starting next week I am going to be following this workout plan. Since I know myself, I am giving myself lots of time and flexibility so there are some extra weeks in there before the actual run. It also gives me “space” to include days with other types of workouts (like biking, in preparation for a Sonoma Wine Country tour). And if I decide I need professional help (heh!) I might join the Fleet Feet “No Boundaries” training program.

My goal is to be able to run the Pacific Crest 5k without stopping to walk. Which also happens to be the weekend of my 35th birthday.

Want to join me while I train? Cool! Things like this always are easier when there are friends along to support one another. I’m not hung up on being able to keep up with people, so if there are a few of us then I’ll probably meet you at a track somewhere. Otherwise I’ll be running and walking my “canal trail and neighborhood loop” from home.

Want to join me at the 5k? Even better! I usually celebrate my birthday with a family trip to the coast. Hopefully instead I’ll have a good time celebrating better health too!

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