Thanks for your feedback on my Fred post, people. I should say, for the record, that Fred is a real, live friend of mine and @nosredna’s and I asked his honest opinion about the blog. So we shouldn’t be too hard on him.

My real problem is, I’m tired of me. I know I make it seem easy to write about me, me, me all the time (it’s my secret talent) but it’s starting to get old.

“Hi. I’m @juliejulie. I went running. I didn’t go running. Here’s me–and my dog. Here’s me–and Stacey. Here’s the one about me and my car. Here’s the one about me and religion. Here’s me. And me. And me again…”

I’m wearing my own self out, writing all this stuff about my own self.

Then, a funny thing happened this morning. I got a great email from a stranger, meaning someone I haven’t met in real life or online, yet. She shared a bit about her own recent running and weight loss journey and told me how much she enjoys reading my blog.

She ran her first 10k today! Holy cow, that is a big deal, and I’m impressed. Here’s a tiny part of what she said:

Since I’ve started running in April…I’ve lost 13 pounds…lots of inches…and gained miles and smiles. I feel good. better than I have in years. I run for me. It makes me a better Mom.

I say she gets a gold star, so I’m giving her a virtual one, and as soon as I meet her in real life, I’ll give her a real one.

I’d like to hear more from her. I’ve asked her to submit a guest post, because even though I once said the Chubby Mommy Running Club isn’t a real club, I guess it sort of is. Because you loyal readers are making it one.

Anyone else want to send us their stories? I’d love to hear more about you.

Come, join the club. Membership cards optional.