So. We went to Vegas. We took Francine the Mannequin to the U2 concert, we worked with one of our Twist Pop Media clients, and we goofed off.

(photo by Dave Russell)

Scroll down for the funny video at the end of this post. It’s worth it, I tell you. A cult classic in the making.

(Dave took a lot of good pictures!)
I made my best friend, @MaricaPop come with me. We went to the pool.

Francine had a great trip, she even had to go through the TSA airport scanner (we bought her a plane ticket.)
The security people loved her, and captain of the airplane was thrilled to meet her and be in the video. On the flight home, the flight attendants announced “we have 130 souls and one mannequin on board, sir,” at take off.

The funniest thing about the concert for me was wheeling Francine around and watching everyone else’s reactions to her.
(another photo by Dave)

We got everything from “huh?” to laughter, to “can you take a picture of us with her?” to, believe it or not, men groping her as she wheeled by. That was a surprise, but actually very hilarious. Turns out she can move pretty quickly if needed, and at 6 feet tall and 70 pounds, she was sturdy enough to hold her own.

Francine brought joy to everyone she encountered, from the baristas at Starbucks to the pool attendants and tourists at the Luxor hotel. It was enlightening for me to see how much people enjoyed our efforts, and how they all wanted to talk to her.

I feel a story brewing inside her, waiting to be written, about how she’s happy to listen to the world and share their stories.

I think Francine is a bright light in a weary world. What do you think?