My kid has been sick all week and my husband’s out of town. It’s interrupting my running routine.

My kid’s old enough that I can run to the store to buy him 7Up while he watches reruns of iCarly with a bucket nearby, but I do feel kinda guilty leaving him for an hour to go running when he’s throwing up and stuff, even though he texts me from upstairs to update his throw up status, just to save himself a trip down the stairs to announce it.

Here’s our typical text conversation:

Him: “threw up”

Me: “bummer. I’ll bring drink”

Modern technology is so handy, that I suppose he could still text me even if I was running, but the conversation might look more like this:

Him: “threw up. come home”

Me: “on trail. back in 30 minutes. get a drink?”

Yeah, this is where the guilt would start. It’s not like I can really sprint 3 miles back home.

So I’m starting to go a little crazy from not running, and I don’t have a treadmill. I was desperate for a little exercise, so I bit the bullet and cleaned the house. Turns out hard core Swiffering can really get your heart pumping.

My friend Sissy gave me this idea, when I asked her about her fitness routine. Her house is clean, and she’s got the muscles to prove it:

Who needs yoga when you’ve got a heavy vacuum?