There will be many more bridges to cross, so let's get going.

I’ve got news. I’m starting a new venture with the fabulous Connie Austin, a fitness educator and event planner who created the popular Learn to Run program for FootZone in Bend, Oregon.

We are starting FLOW – Fitness Leisure Outings for Women, a series of weekend retreats all over the country, to bring women together for a bit of fitness, a tad of learning, and a lot of fun. Wanna skip all the sessions and just go to the spa? Fine with us, we may see you there!

We put the word LEISURE in there for a reason, people.

We’re planning our first retreat in Sisters, Oregon, and aiming for October. Our goal is to work with local gurus (fabulous chefs, amazing artists, musicians, belly dancers, Hula hoopers, volcano hikers, sail boaters, you name it, we’ll try it!) in each city we choose, so each retreat will offer different experiences.

You may want to join the FLOW junket and come to all of them! All are welcome, and we’ll give you more details soon. Want to help host a FLOW retreat in your city? Let us know.

Thanks for playing,