Symbionics Rule!

The smart people at XTERRA Footwear asked me if they could sponsor my blog. “We think you’re funny,” they said, “and we want active moms to know our shoes are great for running extreme races, or walking around your neighborhood while pushing a jog stroller, or chasing your toddler around the park.”

So I looked at their site, then met with George, their Sales and Marketing man for coffee one day to discuss.

George told me the guys who started the Footwear line were top ex-Nike designers who studied Symbionic technology to make the perfect, hi-tech, lightweight, high performance shoe.

“I’m not really a shoe geek,” I said “I don’t even play one on TV. What does Symbionic mean?”

“Symbionics identifies technological processes found in the environment and infuses them into performance and lifestyle products that create a more intense exchange of energy with the outdoors,” said George.

“Fine,” I said. “Also, tell me what that means in real life.” Hey, he bought the coffee, I didn’t have to pretend to be smart or sell him anything.

“We watched videos of Cougars in the wild to see how their foot hit the ground when they ran, and then made a shoe that would let the human foot mimic that.”

“Seriously?” I perked up, “You sell Cougar shoes? I’m in!”

“Well, they’re not actually cougar shoes, but I suppose you can call them whatever you want. We also put on the XTERRA National Championship Trail Run in Bend, and Off Road Triatholon’s if you’re interested in doing one of those races, that’d be great!”

So then I almost spit out my coffee. I’m not really a Triathlon-in-the-mud type of girl.

“George,” I said when I recovered, “Do I look like a Tri-athlete?”

“You might consider it,” he said, “you never know, you might like it!”

Me? @juliejulie, a Triathlon? Cougars don’t like to swim, right?

So anyway, XTERRA Footwear sent me some of these fabulous XR-1.0 orange shoes and I love them already. And I’m not just saying that, even though they are sponsoring me, trust me. I ran 3 miles in them yesterday, up hills on city streets, and felt very, very cougar-ish.

Here’s the video of me “Unboxing” my new XTERRA XR-1.0 Orange shoes. There is dancing at 1.30 or so: