I know some of you are new, and since I ported over to WordPress, I have not tagged my posts to make it easier to search by subject.  So, here are a few reader favorites, by category.

General Ridiculousness:

Cooking with @juliejulie and the ShakeWeight – Just because someone had to do it!

Traveling to Interesting Places:

Twist Pop Media Goes to Vegas – in which I took my Mannequin, Francine, to see U2. Video!
Waiting for Oprah to Call in Laguana – I went to the beach after my audition and waited. And waited. And waited. Video!
@juliejulie Goes to Hollywood – My trip to try not cry for my Oprah. Moment. Video!

Why I went to New York- and what I did there, including the famous Sex Museum Video!

Trying New Sports:

IronMom Training Boxing with Robin you don’t want to meet her in a dark alley, but me? Uh…I’m trying to be tough here! Video included.

Golf: Golf Day with some Twits – no really, I’m super good at golf. Super.Good.

Fun with my Personal Trainer, Malibu Stacey:

In which my mannequin, Francine’s New Life: Meeting Moonalice and Malibu Stacey

Malibu Stacey’s Hot and Julie Cheats – in which my trainer forces me to try, not cry

@juliejulie by the numbers: I actually lost a bunch of fat and gained some muscle with Stacey

Playing with Malibu Stacey’s Big Black Tubes

My New Hair, @juliejulie goes to the Salon

Gray Hair Vote Results! How I lost 10 years at Salon Neveah including the video of me in foil wrappers!

Here’s my startup blog: The Startup Wife all about living the life of an entrepreneur with my husband.


Yes, it really is all about me… – first post! Me and my love/hate relationship with running

I Really Am Chubby! Me in real life, a couple of years ago.

Oh Deer, Dogs! Perilous Running in Bend – running in NW Bend – Yikes, dear and dogs!

Running Hills with my Dog – Maria Multola, growing up in Nike Town.


Chubby Mommy Goes to Yoga – ouch! I’m a yoga drop out…actually, I still do it at home, by myself, sometimes.

Bob Dylan and how Art Stops Time

I Want a Show at MOMA: Blue Glass Lady Jar Head and Altoids Art

Portrait of the artist as a middle aged woman: juliejulie does and art project

Cheval Grec – my modern masterpiece

Art Geeks and Printmaking at Atelier 6000

Stapled Pants – Lazy Mom’s Guide to Fashion – typical working mom, get’s ready to go on a business trip

Home Again, Home Again – what my business trips are actually like

Clever Tricks for Working Moms – just say no to guilt

Moms, Dads and Puppies – mother’s day post, a bit sappy, about our new puppy and teenage daughter

My Last Drive-Through Car Wash – reader favorite, about a bad carwash experience. The Car Talk guys loved it!

Licorice Martinis – don’t try this at home


FootZone Bend: There’s a Chubby Mommy Living Inside All of us!

FootGaming! My friend Judy Shasek invented a foot-powered mouse pad so we can play video games with our feet.

XTERRA Footwear: They like cougars and they like me

Luann Abrams of Train for Fun and again with the super duper fun!

Cathy Sassin, Intrafitt:
Trying and not Crying with Intrafitt

Instant Gladiator – Not!

Rebound Sports Pilates:
Pilates Body – Preparing for Floppiness