I'm Running for Julie B.

I headed down to the FootZone store today to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s Heaven Can Wait Race, and boom – there were big pink fire trucks in front. Turns out these trucks are traveling the country to support women who’ve been affected by Cancer, with the Guardians of the Ribbon tour.

I interviewed Dave Graybill, founder of the Pink Heals/Pink Fire Trucks Organization, who’s mission is to let women know the “men of blue, dressed in pink” care, and will help them fight. He wants Fire and Police departments, and everyone else to wear pink on October 25th, 26th and 27th to honor and support women fighting cancer.

I’m running tomorrow for my friend Julie B., who’s fighting cancer right now, with a big can of whoop-ass and a whole lot of friends, so I signed the truck for her. It was inspiring, but more than a little sad to see the truck filled with so many notes to so many loved ones.

Dang it, people, there’s way too much cancer out there.

Please pass this post around, I’d love to see a bunch of Firemen in pink suits, wouldn’t you? Here’s my video of Dave talking about why he’s doing this, and why women are important to the world: