Goodness, it's spreading!

My mom stopped by today.  We talked about my hair. She’s 73, and nearly all gray, with just a few brown highlights underneath. She has a lot of fine hair, just like me, which grows like a weed, she says. She can barely keep up with it, so she just let’s it go long, until her bangs get in her eyes and she’s forced to do something. Just like me.

“I’ve got a lot of gray now,” I said. “I’m thinking of letting it go all the way.”

“I noticed,” she said. “Your sister has hardly any, you know.” As if I’d forgotten.

“You didn’t have any when you were my age,” I remembered.

“What can I say? You didn’t get the gray from me,” she said, a little too smugly.

I sighed. She’s right. What am I supposed to do, call my dad and complain?

As you can see by this photo above, which I took today, the gray is spreading rapidly. Here’s the picture I posted to TwitPic on July 15th, just two weeks ago when I wrote the first post about going gray:

I wonder what I’ll look like next month. How long will it take to get gray down to my ears? Any guesses? Should we start a betting pool?