"I was born in this business," says Amber, "My mom has been doing hair as long as I can remember!"

When I told my friend Marcia that the internets decided that I should NOT let my hair go gray, she told me to go see *Debra. It’s good to have smart friends. Especially if they know a good stylist, and are willing to pass on her number.

Debra just opened Salon Nevaeh in the Oasis Plaza in Eugene, Oregon, but she’s been a stylist for over 20 years, and she knows what the heck she’s doing when it comes time to cover up a major crop of gray hair that’s taken over a middle-aged mom’s head.

Salon Nevaeh: my new favorite place to read magazines and get pretty

Debra says, for best results, there are no shortcuts, so to speak. You gotta weave the color in, around and through that stubborn gray so it all looks natural in the end. So I hung out at the salon this morning and caught up on all the important news in the gossip magazines. Tough job, glad it’s mine.

Here’s what happened to me and my hair today at Salon Nevaeh:

Thanks Debra!

And thanks to all of you who voted yes and no to my gray hair. I am secretly glad it all turned out this way. I love my new hair!

*Yep, just in case you were wondering, this is a sponsored post! Many thanks to Salon Nevaeh for supporting my blog and my hair.