Can Robo-Robin turn @juliejulie into and Ironman?

I think I just got hijacked. My friend Scott, the Ironman, told me to meet him at the pool last night, where he introduced me to Robin, who’s a Triathlon coach, and writes the IronMom blog. And then she told me she loves my blog and wants to train me. For a triathlon. As in, one of those races where you swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 and then, you run a marathon. As in 26 miles.


And I’m like…huh. Me? Really? I don’t know what Scott told you, but I’m not sure I’m IronWoman material. I can run 6 miles, I can swim without drowning, and I’ll ride my bike if the chain doesn’t fall off, but I’m really more of a “casual” athlete.

She said she was too, and then she decided to do an Ironman, 7 years ago, when she weighed over 200 lbs and wanted to lose weight. So she told herself she’d give herself 7 years to train, and little by little she marked off her little goals and boom! She totally Ironmanned it!

Dang it, this chick is inspiring!

So I said she could try me, but I’d make no guarantees or promises right now this very second. Because even a half marathon scares me a bit, not to mention a full marathon. And swimming and biking before you do a marathon? Crazy. Absolutely crazy. Plus I’d probably throw up and pass out.

Oh, she says, don’t worry about that. I threw up and passed out. But I did it!

Great, I said. This sounds like a blast already.

How about you get in the pool and let me watch you swim? She said cheerfully.

And so I did.

Stay tuned. I can’t wait to see how this little adventure plays out.

Full disclosure: Robin and I are doing a sponsored trade. She’s training me and I’m teaching her about word of mouth marketing and online brand development.