Yay for new friends!

The great thing about the Social Media is meeting cool people from all over the world and chatting with them about life, almost like they’re you’re neighbors, as if you can ask them for a cup of sugar (or a couple of packets of Stevia, or a a squirt or two of Agave syrup) any time you want, or join them on the porch for a glass of wine before dinner. Or after dinner. Or both. If you have neighbors like that, of course. And if you don’t, isn’t it wonderful that you met some virtual neighbors on Facebook?

Of course, the bad thing about hanging out with online friends all the time is that it’s all online, and sometimes, you just want to meet in real life. Especially if you’re looking for running partners.

I don’t care how great it is to Skype and video conference with your smart phone, I can’t imagine running with a friend who’s actually just on my phone, not there in real life. Trying to talk to their bouncy head through my Android phone while we’re both running would make me dizzy. Watching someone throw up in the bushes on a video conference call would ruin the fun of having a virtual running partner. Right?

So my point is, and I do have one, I wanted to meet some women to run with here in my new town, so I threw a little party last night at the local specialty grocery store near my house. They have a cafe and a free meeting room, which is the best kind of place to meet, I think, because who doesn’t like free?

They wouldn’t let me put signs up around the entrance, but they said yes to me brining my mannequin. She’s good at getting attention:

She's good at parties.

I put the word out about our meeting through social media and the local newspaper, and voila! 15 people showed up, and I only knew 4 of them! This means the other people are really interested, not just being nice. Although I think my friends are nice and interested. And if not, they are good at pretending to be interested in what I do. It’s one of their jobs.

We had a nice time getting to know each other, and eating Luna and Larry’s ice cream, and sampling drinks from Down To Earth’s home made soda machine,

Kiley of Coconut Bliss and Carol of Down to Earth provided yum and bubbles

and eating samples of the delicious Earth Cafe raw, vegan cheesecake – lemon was our favorite, for the record. Not that we fought over it, because we didn’t.

This stuff is good, really good!

And we went around the room and told each other who we were and when we run and where we run and what we’re hoping to get out of this group. I think it was like an AA meeting maybe, because there wasn’t any alcohol, but I haven’t been to one of those. We did not say any prayers, but I’m sure we could make one up.

We did have a door prize, one of Laura McClain’s lovely Runner Girl necklaces, and it was quite exciting that Kim, who came all the way from Albany for our event, won it. See, it pays off to come see us!

I ripped off this picture from Laura's blog, but Kim won the necklace fair and square!

We learned about Laura’s blog, Run Momma Run, and Laurie’s blog, The (Mis) Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom, and Elaine’s blog, The Almost Vegan, and heard from walkers, and slow runners, and half marathoners, and  full marathoners and ultra marathoners. How long is a 50k, exactly?  Crazy long, I think.

It was a good night, and I think we will all find people to walk and run with on a regular basis. And I’m hoping some of you want to join me in running The Race for the Cure in Eugene on 10/10/10, or one in your home town.

I think should get together socially every month, like maybe the 2nd Wednesday? If anyone wants to join us virtually, they can, of course, we could set up a live stream, but it’d be more fun if you have your own real life club to attend, so let me know if you want help setting one up in your town. I’ll give you 2 free t-shirts for your trouble.

Which reminds me, the organic bamboo cotton tech  t-shirts samples I like came in yesterday and I LOVE them, and I ordered them with my logo, so they should be ready in two weeks. I know it. It’s hard to believe it’s actually true! Now we’re like a real club, since we’ll have real shirts!

Yay for us!