It is finished. No more of this nonsense!

It is with mixed emotions (and a tiny sigh of relief) that I announce the results of the International Internet vote about what I should do with my hair:


Yes, dear readers, you have decided my destiny. I am not allowed to let my hair go gray, yet. But I must say, to my surprise, the votes were neck and neck until the very end. In fact, there was only a margin of FIVE votes between the “No! Don’t Go Gray!” camp and the “Yes! Let it go to it’s natural state!” camp. Survey Monkey doesn’t lie. No hanging chads allowed.

So, I will now find someone to help me  maintain my youthful appearance, for a while anyway,  and  I promise I won’t put you through this voting process again.

Just one quick question: what color should I dye it?



p.s. I’d like to send a very special thank you to the wonderful ladies over at Mrs. G’s Derfwad Manor who joined the conversation and offered many good and honest insights into accepting and embracing the natural aging process in the comments sections here, and here. I love you people!

p.p.s. Even Stacy London has expressed her opinion of my hair and Dansko situation on Twitter, and I think she’ll be happy to know I’m dyeing my hair and NOT bringing my clogs to NY with me next month. I hope she appreciates it.