They aren't strangers, I met them on Twitter!

The people who know me in real life are never surprised when I announce it’s time for me to go off and try something new, again, or take a little trip somewhere just because it seems like a good idea. They are used to me. This is my normal.

People who know me online are getting used to me, I think, if they follow me for a while. Maybe they start to see a pattern?

I’m taking the mannequin to Vegas, wanna come to the U2 concert with us? I’m going to DC, can we have a party at your house? I’m going to LA, can you show me around? I’ll be in New York next week, wanna have brunch?

I ask these kinds of questions all the time. And it works. I meet the nicest people on my adventures.

Today I had brunch with these lovely ladies I met on Twitter. And afterwards Cathleen and Kathleen walked me over to the Farmer’s Market at Union Square where we navigated through a sea of people:

Leaders lead. Followers take pictures.

And we saw beautiful heirlooms:

Then we said goodbye and I went off on a little explore, and asked strangers to take my picture and give me directions to the next thing I think I want to see, like I always do.

A perfect day for a walk, wearing my perfect new shirt!

After walking around for two hours, when I finally felt my happiness creep all the way down to my tired feet, I realized that my mid-life crisis isn’t really a crisis at all. And it isn’t about me trying to find myself, because I’ve never been lost. It’s actually about me taking some time to remember who I am.

I am truly happy to be a wife and a mother, but the wonderful thing about being a @juliejulie, is I’m the only one.