Christina LOVES being an Ironman! Or she's just happy to cross the finish line?

Let’s talk about runner’s knees! And legs! And core, core, core! And let’s eat fruit, drink tea and meet each other in real life, while we’re at it.

Christina Caldwell, co-owner of The Multisport Advantage Training Studio in Eugene is hosting this month’s Chubby Mommy Running Club Social. Join us on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in Eugene, for a fun and lively talk by Matt Weigel, a local Physical Therapist and Triathlete.

Matt Weigel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Athletic Trainer, and is the director of Physical Therapy at Therapeutic Associates – Gateway.  He competes locally in triathlons, and enjoys working with an athletic population of swimmers, cyclist and runners.  Matt’s talk will be focus on injury prevention for runners, and teach us a dynamic warm up, post run stretching, and running specific strength training and form drills.

Also, I hear Matt’s fun, and we’ll be having fun with these exercises, so wear comfortable clothes and bring your questions!

For all the locals in Eugene, Oregon, this will be a great chance for us to meet each other, network and  find running or walking buddies. Please sign up for the Meetup and RSVP so I know how many oranges to bring. There may be cookies involved.

The Multisport Advantage is located at:


(541) 844-1332

Feel free to contact me at julieanderson (at) hotmail (dot) com for more information.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

If you’d like help starting a Chubby Mommy Running Club Social Meetup in your town, let me know, and I’ll help you! You can also click through the Meetup icon to your right, and I’ll get a note that your town’s on the map. Thanks!