Sepia Tones=Wrinkles. Erased. Like. Magic.

Maybe I should run for President. There is talk of it. Okay, it’s me talking. Mostly. But I think it could be fun. I’d get new clothes, right?

I used to think I’d be a horrible politician, because I’m not interested in politics, or politicians, or the intricacies of policy and law-making. Or fighting with strangers. Or getting yelled at. Or being completely mortified or embarrassed in front of the whole entire world if Katie Couric asked me a hard question.

But I’m beginning to think none of that matters. As long as I get some good press and smile a lot, I should be fine, right?

So I’ve decided to make a list of pros and cons about my political career:

Should @juliejulie run for President?


  1. Middle-aged mom from Oregon
  2. No political experience (except Jr. Class Rep., Churchill High School, 1982) open to new ideas
  3. Non-partisan, hate to fight, would rather go to coffee
  4. Fairly good with directions, like North, South, etc.
  5. Can almost see Hawaii from my house


  1. Never been on cable news
  2. Totally behind on all reality shows (I’ve never even watched Dancing with the Stars!)
  3. Not quite as funny as Tina Fey
  4. If I’m really honest, deep down I may be an Independent
  5. Scared to death of guns

What else? Help me out here, people.