Jeggings are a ridiculously bad idea, even for a jokester like Conan O’Brien, who danced around on stage wearing them the other night. Okay, it was a funny stunt, but to watch, for uh, a couple of reasons. Conan should not wear jeggings in public ever again. Neither should I. Should you?

Here’s my checklist for people who are on the fence about this silly trend. These are yes or no questions, people. Please be honest:

  1. Are you under the age of 14?
  2. Are you a super model?
  3. Is your body fat consistently under 13%
  4. Are you a celebrity?
  5. Are you a hooker?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you can wear jeggings. If not, just say no.

Sure, jeggings are a hot new trend, especially with celebrities, but that doesn’t mean all celebrities, or most normal people should wear them. Trust me. There are some things better left unseen. But that’s just my opinion. Here’s the video of Conan, you be the judge:

It takes a village people. Friends don’t let friends wear jeggings!

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