You'd need a riding mower for this lawn, for sure.

I have not watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska reality show yet, so I have not seen her house, or her yard on TV or in real life. But from the pictures, it looks like the yard is big, and someone’s gotta mow it. I’m assuming Todd mows their lawn, because Sarah’s so busy. I’m sure she knows how to mow the lawn. She seems fully capable of mowing the lawn.

If Sarah ends up being President, she won’t have to mow the lawn, and neither will Todd. Or the kids. Obviously, the White House has gardeners. Although I didn’t see any when I was taking this picture, but they probably work at night, to stay out of tourist’s pictures. We all want the White House lawn mowed, we just don’t want to think about how it gets done.

If I become President, I will not mow the lawn. Just so we’re clear.