We had a baby today! And a dog! Welcome to the club, Rebekah and Ruby.

We did the three mile loop today for our Thursday Noon Run in Eugene, and ended up running for at least two miles, by our calculations (which-Robin-calculated-on-her-super-fancy-running watch-I-should-get-one) which made Rebekah and I quite happy, since we’re both starting from scratch after some time off.

Robin F., a marathoner in real life, did not mind all the stopping and starting, and neither did her dog. She is nice.

Also, we were proud of Robin’s dog for not attacking another dog on the trail, who was thinking about jumping over the baby’s stroller to say hello, which made Rebekah think about how she would manage to dive over the top of the stroller and place her body between both dogs and the baby in mid-stride, in the .05 seconds it takes to calculate the risk and assess the plan of action to save her baby from predator attacks (it’s just a mom thing.)

Thankfully, Rebekah didn’t have to sacrifice herself, because the owner of the other dog had her dog on a leash, and was able to control it, and Robin had her dog on a leash, and was able to control it too.

Let this be a lesson to you people who let your sweet, kind dogs off leash while running because, heavens, she wouldn’t hurt a flea and she just LOVES to run, and you don’t want her to feel stifled, because she should experience the joy and beauty of running free, but hey, guess what she’s still a DOG, and even super-nice-dogs can get all excited and whacky around other dogs sometimes when you least expect it and oh-my-god you’re so sorry, he didn’t mean to have a dog fight on top of your baby’s stroller with that other super nice dog (You had no idea! You feel SO bad that the sweet perfect baby will have a scar on her face for life, and should we call 911 about your bloody leg and arm, are you okay?”)

And so the moment passed quickly and uneventfully.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, the baby ended up sleeping the whole time, except when she woke up at the end and smiled a gigantic baby smile, which of course makes her a perfect baby. I wanted to pinch her cheek, but it wasn’t worth the risk. No one likes to be pinched, after all…especially by strangers, even normal, nice strangers like me.

I am nice. And I keep my dogs on leash. For the record.

So Rebekah and Robin F. and I had such a good time running together, that we have all decided we’re going to run the Eugene Half Marathon in May, a brand new distance for Rebekah and me. Anyone else want to join us, either in real life, or virtually? Let me know and we’ll encourage each other. I’ll need all the encouragement I can get!

I’m so proud of myself for running two miles today, after being sick and out of the loop (literally!) for a while. I wanted to pat myself on the back, but I don’t want to pull a muscle or anything. You can’t be too careful when you’re old and out of shape.

What are you proud about? Are you trying, not crying? There’s nothing wrong with baby steps, people, especially CUTE baby steps!

Here’s one last shot of baby Ruby that I took on Tuesday, her first real day in the club. Because, omg, she’s cute as a button!

Seriously. It took all my willpower NOT to pinch her, or take her home.