I am a good dog. I am such a good girl.

Today I chose to eat a turkey sandwich instead of the donut I wanted. My dog Sadie, a 13 year old Weimaraner, watched every bite with great intensity. She loves food. She usually just gets one bowl of kibble a day, but every once in a while, if she’s lucky, or does a certain series of tricks, like sitting quietly and holding out her paw, bits of people food will fall to the floor, and it’s like manna from heaven.

So, it’s worthwhile for her to pay attention to all food, all the time.

I'm a good girl, and I'll give you my paw. And you will give me some of that thing you are eating. Please.

It occurred to me that Sadie would be just as happy eating my sandwich as she’d be eating my donut. She loves all food equally. In fact, she eats so fast, I’m not sure she notices much difference between a tiny crumb of bread and a tiny crumb of donut, or a tiny piece of kibble we hold up to get her to do tricks.

Pardon my drool. Please give me the food. I am a good girl.

Sadie’s doctor says she is in amazingly good health for such an old dog. She is nice and thin, like Weimaraners should be, he said. It is good you don’t overfeed her. Most Americans overfeed their dogs, and they give them junk food, which makes the dogs get sick eventually, and die too soon, he said.

I wish I could be more like Sadie, and be over-the-moon thrilled with turkey instead of donuts. Maybe if I did a series of tricks every day before lunch I’d be more excited. I did give Sadie a bit of my turkey today. I mean, she was such a good girl.