Lucky me up front at the Satin Love Orchestra New Year's Eve concert

Happy New Year! It’s 1-1-11, which seems lucky, so I think we should talk lucky running.

I’ve had a tough couple of months dealing with health problems, which put a real damper on my running career. If you’re a regular reader, you may recall my ongoing love/hate relationship with running.

In fact, there was a time, long ago, when I was reluctant to even start a real club, because I knew it’d mean I’d actually have to show up for it. Which seemed so demanding, in a way, especially for someone who’s not in love with running in the first place.

But not being able to run for awhile was a real wake up call for me. I guess I do like it after all. And I’ve missed it.

Running is a good stress reliever, it makes me feel strong, and it gets me outside for fresh air, yes, even in the dreaded rain and cold. And, it’s helped me make some new friends, which has been nice after moving the family back here for my husband’s job.

I like friends, old and new, because I’m a social butterfly. Being with friends give me energy. Being alone for too long gives me angst. A little angst can go a long way, believe me. Especially when you’re sitting around feeling ouchie and your body’s supply of exercise induced endorphins left the building weeks ago, without you.

I’m pretty sure running has missed me, too.

Poor running, knocking on my brain every day for weeks and weeks, like a good dog that has to go potty, but doesn’t want to get in trouble for scratching up the door, running patiently paced around in front of me and whined a bit inside my head, reminding me it was just an Xterra shoe lace and Nike DryFit jacket away…just in case I felt like doing it.

My only hope is that since I couldn’t run, running went out and found some new people to toy with. Did it find you? Maybe you should let it. You might get lucky.