She's a Bad Ass Trainer who kicks my butt!

I’m running the Eugene Half Marathon in May. So I say. At the moment. So I’d better get in shape, eh?

My friend Robin, over at the IronMom blog is helping me train for it. We made a video today of the first “core” training session. Robin’s all about the full body workout stuff. She got me in touch with my inner animal:

For those of you who’d like to follow along on our Half Marathon training, stay tuned. I’ll post updates. If you’re local, let me know if you want to join our workouts. Robin’s happy to offer track session training and yes, even these delightful core training sessions at her gym with me, for $5 a pop for Chubby Mommy Running Club members in Eugene. That means anyone who cares to mention they are affiliated with this blog.

Let’s do this thing, people. Embrace your inner crab. And salamander.