This was on the menu at the Urban Farm restaurant -no alterations needed!

So, on day 4 of my personal Paleo diet challenge I took my teenage daughter shopping in Portland (a belated Christmas present, she has the patience of a saint!) and miraculously managed to stick to my eating plan despite mandatory trips to some great Italian restaurants. And, I didn’t feel deprived, at all. For real. It can be done, people!

Besides eating right and well, my goal was to NOT embarrass my daughter too much by asking for a bunch of special requests. Turns out it was pretty easy, actually. I did embarrass her in front of the hotel doorman a few times when I asked him to take our picture. But, whaddya do…

Also, I did not throw a fit or even mention out loud if I got a little butter or a candied pecan in a salad here or there. Again, just not worth it to me. It’s not like I’m keeping Kosher here, just trying to stay on track, in general.

Got this Albacore Tuna salad at an Italian Deli! My daughter's pizza looked fabulous, though, I must admit.

For the first lunch, the doorman from out hotel pointed us towards an Italian deli a few doors down. The place smelled like heaven baked inside some fresh bread. Luckily, they had salads, and I saw this fresh tuna salad with red onions and capers up at the counter. I asked the guy if he could serve it on some greens instead of in a sandwich. Of course, he said, and nom. That was my lunch.

I thought dinner that night might be tricky because I wanted to visit Mama Mia, another Italian restaurant that gets rave reviews from the locals. Plus I met  the owner and her boyfriend on Twitter. So there’s that. I had Prawns Scampi, sauted in butter and olive oil, and the house salad, minus the Parmesan cheese. Unbelievably good!

Here's the owner, Lisa Schroder. I've never met her in real life, I swiped this picture from her blog!

By the way, did you know it’s much cheaper to eat in a nice restaurant if you don’t order wine or cocktails with dinner? Amazing, but true. Paleo diet advantage #239 in a series.

We also brought snacks with us, that we kept in the hotel for emergencies. A handful of nuts and blueberries went a long way towards keeping me from crashing after hours and hours of circling Nordstroms and H&M and Forever 21 at the Pioneer Place Mall, downtown.

Emergency Paleo snack food rations.

Bottom line: I felt good the whole time, and did not even feel tempted to sneak a bit of my daughter’s Mocha Mouse that I bought her from Moonstruck Chocolate, although I’m sort of thinking about it now. Dang, it looked good.

And when I weighed myself Tuesday morning, a mere 6 days since I started eating Paleo, I happily discovered I’d lost 5 pounds. It may be real, it may not be, but I’m taking it!

Look! I can see my waist again! And it's a nice view of Morrison Street, too.

This Paleo thing seems to be working for me so far. For real.