Pierre fails to see the need for post-run knee peas.

My chubby, 45 year old knees and I did something amazing today: we ran 7 miles, in a row! This is the first time I’ve ever run that far. Ever. And thanks to Keith’s Chi Running Workshop methods, I didn’t feel much pain. I did make Rebekah, my running partner, stop every 2 miles or so and do a few knee circles with me for about 20 seconds, when my knees started to feel a little stiff. It’s amazing how a few little circles can loosen you up again.

We used this time to drink a little water and get our Chi posture back on track. I don’t think Rebekah needs all the knee circle resting as much as I do, but she’s young. I’m sure I’ll be the only person running the Eugene Half Marathon who stops and does knee circles. At least everyone will know it’s me, right?

And, Coach Robin would be happy to know that we even ran an extra quarter mile after our official 7 miles to “cool down.” Since Robin’s all bossy about the cool down, as you may remember from this video of our interval training track workout.

But we stopped and sat on a bench for a few minutes first, to congratulate ourselves on our awesomeness, and take pictures of Rebekah’s new shoes (pink laces!) and admire my lovely orange Xterra Trail Running Shoes (thanks for sending them to me, George!)

7 miles shoes!

Alas, I fear our excitement may be short lived. We’re supposed to run 8 miles next week, as we prepare for this Half Marathon in May, the first Half for both of us. But hey, I’m gonna bask in my 7 mile glory until tomorrow. ‘Cause my knees rock!

My knees feel fine now, I just put the frozen peas on right after the run, more as a precaution. They don’t hurt like they used to, before my Chi awareness, but they do feel a bit “tired.” And so do I, quite frankly. I hope I sleep well tonight!