I gave you 5.5, now you give me five!

Gosh, I’m proud of myself. I would take a bow, but I might fall over.

Please join us in giving ourselves a high five for our 5.5 mile run today! Rebekah, baby Ruby and I bravely went for our longest run yet and we didn’t die! In fact, we actually surprised ourselves, and felt pretty good at the end. Especially Ruby, who slept the whole way.

We started at the red “You are here” sign at the beginning for the Amazon running trail in Eugene,

It seemed like a much shorter run on the map...

and ran all the way to the end of the Rexius trail to another “You are here” sign. And then we ran back. And then we high-fived and asked a stranger to take our picture.

And Ruby said my name today, which made my heart melt a little and then I gave her some of my Clementine Sweetie orange and she said “mmmm!” She’s such a good girl.