I meant to smile, not grimace. Hey, it was raining!

Oh yes, we do rock, actually!. We just ran NINE miles! And, not only did we not die, but we actually felt pretty good. And, we both mentioned, right at about 8.5 miles, that maybe, just maybe we could do this silly Half Marathon in May after all.  And we will.

This is the farthest Rebekah and I have ever run, and we’re are both trying out the Paleo diet thing, which means no sugar or grain. So, no carbing up on pasta or oatmeal. The first time I did seven miles, I felt a little sick, because I didn’t plan ahead on my carbs and crashed at the end, so I was a bit scared to do nine.

Today, I ate a veggie scramble with chicken for breakfast, 3.5 hours before the run, which included onions, peppers and zucchini. I also ate a Clementine orange and a half a banana an hour before. Then, we stopped at mile six and ate half a Clementine (they are quite small) which tasted marvelous. We also drank water.

We felt quite refreshed for the next three miles, and ended with energy to spare. I ate the other half of the orange in the car, and when I got home I drank some coconut water mixed with unsweetened cherry juice.

Nothing hurts. I didn’t even ice my knee. My legs are a bit tired, but sheesh, they just ran nine miles. And they’ll run ten next week, I’m sure of it. Here’s us, being all “Yay!”