This is how many Rebekah did.

I’m a long run dropout. Alas dear loyal readers and cheerleaders, I must confess, I did not make my 10 mile goal this weekend for my Half Marathon training schedule. But my running partner Rebekah did, so Yay her! I truly am pleased as punch for her, and proud too. I wish I could say the same for myself, but after six grueling miles of pushing myself when I didn’t feel well, I dropped out.

I tried, and I didn’t cry. And six is better than zero, right? I just didn’t feel well, that’s all there is to it. Last weekend on the nine mile run, I felt great. This week, not so much. Blah happens.

But look how happy and excited Rebekah is here! Watching her light up the screen was worth waiting around in the rain for her triumphant return to the parking lot. High ten, Rebekah, you rock!