Way better. Way.

Okay, those pictures of me in the purple dress are pretty bad. I can’t believe I walk around like that. And you guys let me! Ah well, whaddya do..

I love my new hair! It’s funny how much of my self-esteem is tied up in how I look. I wish I could say it’s not true, but when I force myself out of the frumpy clothes and do my hair, I really do feel like I’ve got my act together. You know what I’m sayin’?

Debra at Salon Neveah in Eugene rocks the house, people! She says she does not like being on camera, so I have to twist her arm every time, but she’s great at getting people camera ready.

And, she specializes in helping busy moms who work at home or in the office, or in the home office feel better about themselves. Trust me on this. A good cut and color, if that’s your thing, really puts the sassy back in your step. In fact, I’m thinking I should shave my legs again, too. Such.a.rebel!

If you live in Eugene and you want  a little sprucing up in the hair department, tell her I sent you, for 15% off!

And yeah, she sponsored this post. You’re welcome and so am I.