Obviously she's not my baby, her hair's much better than mine!

This is the story of how I ran 8 miles last week, and how I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started the Paleo diet four weeks ago.

I know it, I can barely believe it myself, but scales don’t lie. And neither does the mileage tracker on Baby Ruby’s new BOB Jeep Jog stroller, or the maps on Eugene’s Rexius Running trail at Amazon Parkway . I hope. I made a movie for you about BOB, Ruby, and my hurt finger, as a bonus. It’s at the end of this post. It’s adorable. You should definitely watch it.

Also, this is not my Baby Ruby, I just borrowed her from Rebekah, my running partner. Ruby is sweet, and so is her new stroller, which holds our coats and water bottles so I can focus on my Chi running, when it’s not my turn to push her up the hill, that is. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Rebekah, who bought the stroller, and distracts me with good conversation to keep running, even when I’d rather nap and have coffee. She rocks!

Part one: The Running

Here's the CMRC Eugene Club, before I met Rebekah and Ruby and the stroller

My IronMom friend, Coach Robin, has me on a pretty simple plan to make it through the Eugene Half Marathon without dying. I swim and I run, every other day, and I add time and distance each week. Robin says I’ll avoid injury this way, and increase stamina. It seems to be working. When I started swimming 5 weeks ago, I could last about 20-25 minutes in the pool. Now I’m up to 45 minutes. I was running 3 miles back in January, and now I’m up to 8. As in e.i.g.h.t. I still can’t quite understand how I did 8. But I did. I really did. We add a mile every week, and tomorrow we’re supposed to do 9. I’m making no promises, but I’ll keep you posted.

Part Two: The Food

They could make fire, but not French Fries

A mere three weeks ago, I started the Paleo diet, which requires eating like a caveman and cutting out all processed foods, grains, dairy and beans. Instead, I’m eating fruits, veggies, meat, fish, eggs, nuts and oils that come from plants on trees (olive, walnut, coconut, avocado, etc.) I cut out alcohol, too. I lost 5 pounds the first week, like I usually do when I cut out the booze and stop eating crap.

But then a funny thing happened: I lost another 3 pounds the second week. I thought that was maybe a fluke too, so I didn’t even announce it. And then last week I lost 2. I got on the scale this morning, out of curiosity, and it’s stayed off. 10 pounds, melted. My clothes fit better, and I don’t feel hungry, and sugar cravings have disappeared in a poof. And I feel great. In fact, did I mention I ran 8 frickin’ miles, people!

Part Three: The Stroller

Meet BOB, Baby Ruby's new Jeep Jog Stroller

So anyway, back to Ruby and Rebekah and BOB. Here’s the movie, thanks for watching!