Me, as the damsel who is no longer in distress!

I forgot to share the flat tire video! And yes, this is about a real flat tire on a real car, not a code phrase for a hot new liposuction procedure targeted at middle aged moms who are sick of running and eating vegetables instead of sleeping and eating cupcakes all day.

Not that I know any moms like that. Ahem.

For those of you who aren’t from the Northwest, Les Schwab is the name of the tire store chain that’s famous for its nice-guy customer service. They’ll help you put your studs on in a hurry when you’re not sure if you’ll make it over the pass before a sudden cold front starts blowing in.

Yes, I’m talking about snow tires. And mountain passes. And storms. Just so we’re clear.

Anyway, here’s the story of how Sarah and I changed the flat tire on her Audi. Sort of.