We'll start at Hayward field, where Nike started!

Tomorrow’s the big day – I’m running the Eugene Half, my first Marathon! I’m nervous, which seems silly. But, if I think about it, running 13.2 miles “just because” seemed silly a few months ago, but here I am, doing it anyway. Just because.

Things I’m worried about:

  1. Oversleeping: I need to get up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow to eat something, put on the right clothes, drive over to Rebekah’s house by 6:00 a.m. so we can get to the shuttle parking lot by 6:10 a.m. to make it to the starting line, to stand in line for the porta-potties!

    If only my cell phone had big huge clanky bells on top it!

  2. Not sleeping: I’m the queen of insomnia. Do I take my half an ambien to guarantee my 5 hours of sleep in a row, or do I just see what happens? If I wake up at 2:00 a.m., like usual, do I just stay up and hope for the best?
  3. Food: the bad thing about the Paleo diet, for me, is that I’m never hungry, so I don’t eat enough to keep me fueled for the longer distances. I’ve used Gu a few times, and it helped. I know it’s not Paleo Gu, but Coach Robin says many hardcore Paleo athletes supplement for distance races. I figure lots of science goes into those fuel supplements, and Paleo isn’t a religion for me, it just so happens to work well for me most of the time. I’m going for some Gu and Gatorde! Biggest question for tomorrow: coffee or no coffee before the race?

    This is not me, but it could be!

  4. Speed: the fact is, Rebekah is faster than me, and we’ll both be excited, so we’re likely to run faster than usual at the beginning. If I go to fast, I may burn out early. If I go too slow, she’ll be miles ahead. So, I’ve decided that’s okay, and told her over and over she shouldn’t worry about me, and run HER race, at a speed she feels comfortable with. But I like running with her! And I’m used to her! Plus, I like her! We’ve decided to take our phones so we can find each other at the end if we end up separated.

    Baby Ruby will not be joining us for the marathon run, but we're hoping to see her smiley face at the finish line!

  5. Crashing: I crashed a bit on our 11 mile run once, and I didn’t feel well. And I didn’t like it, at all. So maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.


Things I’m remembering:

  1. It’s not a race, it’s a lifestyle. I’m finding I actually enjoy running more now than I ever have before, and it will be fun to be in the thick of thousands of runners who are happy to be there. I will soak up the energy and let it travel through me and out my shoes.
  2. There is no shame in walking. It’s my race, I get to run it how I want. If it takes three hours to finish, who cares? Not me! Seriously, I don’t even carry a watch.
  3. There’s a first time for everything. This is exciting. I set a goal, I worked on it, and now here I am. I feel like I’m at the beginning of a new stage in my life, working through middle age angst with health and fitness as my allies. Yay me!

So, if you’re running in Eugene, or anywhere else tomorrow, good luck out there, and have fun, people!