Tony Lama is my weakness!

I have a thing for boots. Cowboy boots are my weakness. Along with biker-chick boots. And black leather spikey-heeled boots. And gray tweed boots that will surely match something I have yet to buy, because gray tweed is always in style. I love to shop, but I need to be practical with my spending. Boots don’t grow on trees.

I’ve been a thrift store shopper since high school, ever since I discovered a stash of amazing 1950’s vintage Pendleton Wool skirts in my size for $6 each in a little boutique downtown. I could only afford to buy two. Choosing which two was agonizing. I brought them home to show my mom.

“Oh,” she said, “If I had known you liked those, I would have saved all mine for you. I got rid of all of them a few years ago. Are they in style again?”


Of course the hunt is part of the fun.

I’ve lost some weight recently, and my pants were falling down, so I decided to clean out my closet and trade, trade, trade. I’ve been taking clothes into two local stores in Eugene I’ve grown to love: Deluxe Fashion Shop, which carries some fun vintage kitsch, and lovely upcycled fashions by local designers, and Bon Ton Exchange, which has more “work” clothes (I scored a gorgeous pink cardigan from Talbots last week!)

I saw these Tony Lama boots at Deluxe and dang it, I had a craving for them that’s hard to explain. I needed them. I went back home and dug deeper into my closet to earn enough trading credit to get them. Now they are mine.

I’ve never met a Tony Lama boot I didn’t like. I wonder how much I’ll need to trade in for a horse? I have a couple of nice dogs here…kidding! Sort of…