Watch and learn, there will be a test at the end, he said. You'll get an A+, I said.

This is Scott. He’s an IronMan. He’s also my friendly neighbor. He’s also the one who told me I should do a Triathlon, and introduced me to Robin over at Every Mom to Iron Mom. She coaches his Master’s Swim class, and he figured she could coach me to try something  I’d never even dreamed of trying, and it might be fun for me. Because he thinks Triathlons are fun.

Yeah, he’s a geek.

So in reality, Scott’s the whole reason I’ve jumped into this crazy Sprint Triathlon business. We should give him a medal. Maybe.

Anyway, my friend Connie over at Learn to Run for Fun let me borrow the triathlon bike she loans to newbies who are working on their first race.

Yes, my 1994 vintage Scott Mountain bike (no relation to this Scott, pictured) is heavy and clunky, but perfectly fine for a beginner, I said.

Of course it is! Said Connie. This one is a little lighter though, if you want to try it…

So I picked it up.

Holy cow. Titanium is lighter than my old Scott (the bike!) It felt like a feather, compared to my bike. I was sold. I took the loan.

I don’t have any of those fancy clip-on bike shoes though, and the truth is, I’m a little scared of falling over while I’m clipped in. And, I’m a wimp about getting scraped-up and bloody. So Connie said I should just switch out the pedals.

And of course I don’t know how to do that, but I figured there must be a tool for it. And I figured a Triathlon Geek like Scott would have one in his garage. Which he did. Of course.

So he came over yesterday and “helped” me change out my pedals.

You demonstrate, I'll take the picture, I said.

Because he is a nice guy.

My job is to smile for the camera. But you knew that!

Which is why we moved two blocks away from him and his nice wife and their nice children, and their nice dog, and their nice garage full of all kinds of geeky bike gear and tools.

We are so smart!

Thanks Scott, and let me know when you want to “teach” me how to change a flat tire. Also, can I borrow your pump?