I'm addicted to this stuff. For real.

I’m still having good luck with the Paleo Diet thing, even though I haven’t actually read the book or followed a specific set of rules. I am making up my own rules, based on what seems to work for me, and I’ve lost about 25 pounds since I started the diet back in February.

In general, I’m avoiding wheat, dairy, legumes, and all sugar (except the sugar I get from fresh or dried fruit only.) I eat fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fruit, seeds and oils that come those sources. I take Iron and Calcium/Vitamin D supplements, which I was also doing before I started the diet because my doctor tested my blood back in November and wasn’t thrilled with my Iron and Vitamin D counts. I’ve added red wine back in, and sometimes I eat extra dark chocolate.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with how to supplement my diet while I was training for my Half Marathon, since the lower carb thing affected me on the longer distances, including any time I was running for an hour or more (I’m an 11-12 minute miler.)

I  finally concluded, with the help of my trusted trainer Robin who has completed many Triathlons and eats Paleo-style herself, that using coconut water mixed with regular water for hydration was good enough, most of the time, and adding a bit of sports supplements like Gu and Gatorade for my longer runs to avoid crashing was the way to go for me.

So, for those of you who keep asking me what I eat, I’ve decide I’m going to highlight one thing or recipe a week.

I like to shop at Trader Joe’s. They have lots of good Paleo options, their prices are good, and of course they have great food for the non-paleo eaters in my family, too. That place is good-snack heaven!

First of all, I’m not a nutritionist, or a trainer, or any sort of expert on how or what you eat. You know that right? I have a degree in English. And one in Fine Arts. Just so we’re clear.

I have learned over the years, from qualified doctors, allergists and nutritionists, that I don’t do well with wheat and dairy. My son has struggled with food allergies off and on since he was a baby, so I have learned to cook gluten and dairy free as needed.

Okay, on to my pick of the week, the nutty seed butter stuff.


I spread it on half a banana when I realize, all the sudden, that I haven’t eaten in hours and hours and I feel like I might fall over (this happens to me a lot on Paleo – I’m just not hungry and I forget to eat.)

I dip apples in it about an hour after I run or swim, and it hits the spot.

I eat a tablespoonful of it straight out of the jar on nights when I’m really hungry before bed, but I don’t want to eat a full meal.

I eat another tablespoonful in the morning before I drink my coffee, because coffee is starting to give me a stomach ache now, which is the only real disadvantage of eating Paleo style for me. Weird side effect? I have no idea.

The great thing about this stuff, is you really don’t need much. It’s naturally sweet (when you’re not eating sugar!) it’s got a nice hit of protein and fat, so a little dab will do ya.

I ran out this morning (I blame my 14 year old daughter loves it too – she’s not a Paleo kid, but she is an athlete and is always looking for good stuff after practice!) so I have to go get some. Right.this.very.second.

Photo credit HangryPants.com because I ran out of my stash, and needed a picture, and Heather and Mark are adorable