Robin explains that crocodiles don't live in lakes, here in America, and wet suits help you float.

Fifteen fabulous people showed up to our Triathlon Training Workshop at Just Breathe Movement Studio today to talk about the upcoming Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon in Portland, OR on June 26th. Coach Robin of Every Mom to Iron Mom, the vetran Triathlete of the group (she’s been doing triathlons since the 1980’s!) talked us through the gear, the transitions, and the main question of the day: how do you put on a wet suit, anyway?

I’m starting my hardcore yoga and pilates core strength classes with Mandy at Just Breathe next week, so I’m not quite ready to model my wet suit on camera yet. Good thing we talked Francine into doing a little demo for us! She is a model, after all.

We learned all about Body Glide and PAM (the cooking spray!)

Thanks to everyone who came out for this event, and we’re thrilled that four of you (so far!) have said yes, yes, yes you’ll join us at Iron Girl in Portland.

Feel free to follow along with us virtually,  and use the free Sprint Tri training plan on Robin’s blog, and enter our contest to win a free entry to the Portland race! We also have discount codes available.

Special thanks to Mandy for hosting us at her beautiful studio, and for the fun Nia dance demonstration! She’s offering a special for us, 30 days of unlimited classes for $30, so let her know you’re a Chubby Mommy Running Club friend if you want to get into the groove and work your core at the same time.