I don't think she's old enough to wear purple, but she does anyway.

When the kids were little, we started a Mother’s Day tradition called “The Cookie Walk.” We baked cookies together, invited the grandmothers over, and went for a walk or a hike. We’d stop every time someone thought we should, and eat a cookie. We pretended the walking erased the calories in a few dozen cookies split between us. It’s much more fun that way.

This year the kids are old enough to make the cookies themselves, with a little help from Dad on a few logistics here and there, like pouring hot, melted chocolate over marshmallows – I give him five gold stars for these amazing things – best.cookies.evah!

So when I went off with my mom this morning to watch my 14 year old daughter’s Mother’s Day musical at church, the rest of the family got busy in the kitchen:

It takes a village to make a mess.

The results were spectacular. And it was cold and miserably rainy, so we decided to skip the walk and just do the cookie part. A wise decision!

Yum! Also, the dog is invisible when she keeps her head down. We think she's in her bed, but she's tricking us with her crumb-catching cleverness!

I’ve been off sugar and wheat for a while, so these are the first cookies I’ve had in ages. They were so worth the indulgence!

Tomorrow? Back to the running. And swimming. And biking. Also, there will be yoga. But nothing beats a good cookie walk (or sit!) with my mom and my kids on Mother’s Day.

What are your Mother’s Day traditions?