I love these things!

It’s Trader Joe’s Tuesday! Every week I’ll profile a Paleo Diet friendly product I’m in love with, and maybe a recipe. Hey, it’s my blog, so I get to  make up the days! Maybe we’ll start a Costco Friday next. Think of the possibilities!

So anyway.

I’m totally into these Trader Joe’s chicken sausages. They’re a good source of protein, and don’t have any secret preservatives or sugary ingredients. You have to read the labels, though, not all flavors are built alike.

Personally, I’m avoiding all sugar, yes, even cane sugar and agave and honey and Stevia and all the other “natural” sugars. No, I don’t think sugar is evil, it’s just what works for me. I’m a bit of an all or nothing girl with sweets. I find I do better if I get all my carbs from from fruits and vegetables. And Gatorade or Gu on my long runs. For the record.

17 grams of protein? Not bad for 130 calories!

I like to eat these sausages with greens (these are collard greens, also from Trader Joe’s – pre-washed and bagged -quick and easy!) I heat up the greens in a pan with some crushed garlic and good oil (I’ve been using Grapeseed oil lately) and then I push them aside and fry up my old standby, a lovely egg.

I’m totally into eggs, over easy, for the record. In fact, I’m sort of addicted to them lately. Maybe I’ll write about them next week!

Bangers and Eggs and Collard Greens - such an International Breakfast!

So, for the record, this whole meal took me about 7 minutes to make, from start to finish, and it filled me up for about 3 hours, just in time to head out the door for my six mile run.

I did have two bites of my variation of Robin’s Paleo coconut/banana custard before I ran, and I’ll share that recipe next week. Teaser: I add blueberries and coconut flour to make it into a cake! This a great Paleo pre or post exercise snack, since it’s got a nice balance of protein, carb and fat, without being too heavy. I ate some before the Half Marathon, and it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t.!

Now, dear readers, share some of your best quick and easy healthy meals and snacks in the comments! Smoothies anyone?