It's not you, Dansko, it's me...

I do love my old, worn out, comfortable mommy Dansko clogs, but let’s face it: they’re just not very sexy. And we all know it. But sexy shoes are bad for your feet. And knees. And hips. Right? Well…have I got news for you, people! There’s a new sexy, healthy high heel out there, from Oh! Shoes, and I GOT ’em!

Here’s what happened: Once upon a time last Thursday, I was at the Willamette Angel Conference, where startup businesses present their business plans to a big group of investors. In a room full of mostly tech-based startups, of course I noticed the shoes. Duh.

So I went up and talked to Greg, the CEO. He told me their story. They have a mission to save women’s feet. For real. His mom wore fashionable heels most of her adult life, and is now paying the price, including surgery. In fact, it is estimated that women spend an estimated $2 billion on foot surgery every year and endure pain and deformity caused by footwear, mostly because of fashion.

I am guilty, too. I wear my comfy shoes as often as possible, but I wear fashionable shoes when I need to, and sometimes, you do need to. They’re part of many working women’s “uniforms” in the professional world. The clunky clogs are not going to cut it with the navy blue suit in the boardroom or the judges chambers, or the halls of congress.

So Greg and his team of top notch foot doctors, and Italian fashion designers, and innovative shoe designers, and materials technologists went to work. They made amazing shoes that look good and feel good. They even have a patent on the tech, just like other geeky startup companies!

So finally, after I spent a few hours talking to Greg about me, myself and I, in relation to his company and his shoes, which I totally fell in love with, he said yes, yes, yes, they’d love to send me some shoes to write about and they’d sponsor my blog. I thought this was all very cool, considering he’d never actually read my blog. I write like I talk though, I told him. Energetically.

Good decision, I said to Greg. Send me the shoes and I’ll take the shoes to Washington DC with me next week, and take pictures of them in front of all the touristy places and National monuments. And then I’ll put all the pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Because it will be a hoot! And we can have contests, where people make videos of why they should get a pair of your shoes for FREE. And…and…and…it will be SO MUCH FUN, Greg, we have to do it!

Yes, he said. Yes, yes, yes!

So here we are.

He sent me a box of three pair yesterday:

Seriously. How lucky am I?

And guess what? THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE dress SHOES I’VE EVER MET in real life, EVER! And I’m not just saying that because I have to. Seriously.

Get ready for a shoe party!!!!

Yes, this is a sponsored post. And we’re going to have a blast with Greg’s shoes.

Oh! Shoes are now available at Nordstroms, Zappos, Amazon, and many lovely boutiques around the country. And, Greg said if you enter the code “juliejulie20” when ordering on the Oh! Shoes website, he’ll give you a 20% discount. Just because.