I do love a good blogging conference, especially one filled with great writers, and I give bonus points for healthy lifestyle, fitness and food writers! So OF COURSE I’m going to the FitBloggin11 conference this weekend in Baltimore, MD. And, I’ve been asked to speak on the Building Community Panel, along with these amazing women:

Lobsters beware!

Kate Brown, Community Manager at The Daily Burn , which has over a million members (holy cow!) and she’s @invincibleKate on Twitter. She’s a triathlete (just like me! Ha!) a real food activist, and she writes the DailyBurn Life blog, check it out. From her bio, I learned she can shuck a lobster in under 60 seconds! Kate’s newest project is called FoodStripped, a one year economic experiment in eating non-processed foods.

She's magic! Watch her shrink!

Christy Mensi of @shrinkingjeans, who writes The Shrinking Jeans of Christy blog. More than a weight loss blog, on a daily basis, the Sisters (and Ryan) post about their goals, struggles and triumphs, keeping it real and pretty funny. The site is filled with valuable information on health and wellness, healthful recipes, product reviews, fitness and workout tips, and giveaways. Fun stuff! I’m a member, join us!

The girl with the Mega-watt smile! No wonder she's so popular!

Jacqueline Carly, who’s @Jacqcarly on Twitter, and writes the fun and informative Fiatrella blog and appears on her own show, Fitarella TV! Her mission is to spread the word about living a healthy, fit, fun, full life. She is one of my personal heroes because I met her last year and we ran the 5K together at FitBloggin10 (until she took off with a cute boy!) I adore her, and she was the number one vote getter in the online competition “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” out of over 9,500 video submissions. She garnered 9.4 million verified votes.

My video got 2500 votes, for the record. But I’d like to thank each one of you personally. And I really mean that! The video up here on my home page, to your left is the video I submitted, in case you haven’t seen it. I still need my own show, dang it!

Anyway, here’s what we’ll be talking about on the panel, and I’m excited to learn as much as I can from these super-star women, I tell you!

Building community is necessary for the success of your blog. You’ll need to not only inspire your community but balance it with a monetizing strategy. Join us for Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring were we will discuss:

  • How to build real life events to create a community that can transition seamlessly from offline to online and back.
  • How to spread the love by pushing out content from other bloggers in the community.
  • It’s more than just getting free product. We’ll talk about how to leverage brands to grow your blog, even if you are not offered money for a brand relationship.
  • How to define and protect your brand so that you work with the right advertisers.
  • The importance of celebrating the progress of people in your community and creating challenges so that everybody wins.

I’m so excited to attend this conference, and can’t wait to see old friends and meet new friends. I’ll post some fun pictures on Facebook and Twitter, and try to write regularly over the weekend. Please follow me, @juliejulie on Twitter, for live updates and fun shoe pictures from my newest sponsor, Oh! Shoes. More on them soon.