Sexy comfort wrapped up in a cute, pink package: you don't have to look like a tourist ladies, these heels are fully functional!

I took the Pink Oh! Shoes on an adventure in San Francisco last week. We also went to the U2 concert in Oakland, where my friends from the Moonalice Band opened the show, and I met fellow Tribe members in real life, and affirmed that Oh! Shoes were made for walking, touring and dancing. Yes, ladies, you can have function and fashion in one cute shoe.

Alana, the high heel loves sexy rock stars, and can dance for hours, and Franka, the flat can walk for miles up and down hills, to and from train stations, and around and around stadiums when power-hungry gate keepers tell you your purse is too much like a back pack and you can’t take it inside. And so you try a different gate. Twice. And then finally, the fun girls at Gate D say “just go on in girl, those shoes are sooo cute!”

[Not kidding, that really happened!]

And now, about the concert:

I wanted the pink shoes to be close to the stage because I was perfectly willing to hand one (or both!) to Bono or The Edge, if either of them wanted to try them on during the concert. Because you never know, do you?

So, hours before the concert started, I forced my way up front, through the crushingly claustrophobic mass of bodies in the heat of the late afternoon sun, looking for my tribe. But I soon realized it was impossible to see even three feet in front, above, or below the sheer number of ridiculously close souls that blanketed the area below the stage. The crowd was like an invasive form of algae that chokes and kills all the fish in freshwater lakes. Except friendlier, without the choking or killing part.

So I escaped to the back. Alana bravely and carefully stepped over and in between the crush of bodies, in her firm, but polite way, and we found some breathing room. Through the magic of texting, we found the tribe eventually, and took fun pictures of the shoes with women who stopped us in our tracks and said “omg I LOVE those shoes!”

This woman spotted the shoe from far away and waved me over to her. She was thrilled to find her sole mate at a rock concert!

Finally, Bono came out and told us all the meaning of life, which most of us remembered learning from him back in the 1980’s when we were in high school and cried over Bloody Sundays and did a lot of running to stand still. But I will never get tired of U2, ever. And it seemed like the rest of the 65,000  people there that night felt the same way.

I swear Bono sang directly to Alana, the pink shoe, which made her swoon, and made me squeal with delight.

Special thanks to the stranger standing next to me in the crowd who took this picture. He was tall and had a better view than me. He may or may not have tried on the shoe. My camera battery ran out, so there is no proof, dang it!

After all my batteries died, despite my attempts to ration them throughout the evening, I had to give up the gadgets, and  just enjoy the moments as they came to me, on the wind of the music and through the energy of dancing strangers, and soak in the magic through my skin.

And then it was over, and we we hopped on the train back to the city.

The next day I wandered around San Francisco, and Alana and Franka and I hung out and did touristy things:

We did walk through the streets, but you have to look up for the view in China town! I couldn't get my leg up high enough for the picture without taking off the shoe...

What a lovely day for a stroll along the Bay!

Of course I stopped people in the street and asked them to try on the shoe. Which they did. Of course!

And then two of my girlfriends came to see me when they got off work. We went out for a drink at the top of the famous Drake Hotel, and enjoyed the view. I convinced them that that they do NOT have to wear tennis shoes to commute into the city and dance. They can have fashion and function all in one cute Oh! shoe! I think they trust me now.

We met the Tribe again in Union Square for another Moonalice concert, and we danced (almost) all night.

I love my Oh! Shoes. For real. Here is the fun video:

Yes, this is a sponsored post! By Oh! Shoes, that is, Bono is not sponsoring me, but if he wants to, I’ll give him a dollar.

Oh, (Oh!) one more thing: if you use the code juliejulie20 when you order from the Oh! Shoes website, you’ll get 20% off!