These boots are hot!

These purple boots came in the mail for me the other day, so I’m flying to San Diego on Thursday and taking them to BlogHer’11. Yes, I know it, they are stunningly cool. Also, they’re suede, so I can trace little patterns and words and things into their softy nap to amuse myself. I adore softy naps. And, they make my legs look pretty good, according to all the comments I got on my Facebook page when I posted this picture up there.

All of these things combined are cool, but here are some more things that make the boots even cooler:

  1. They’re from my sponsor, Oh! Shoes, which means they’re sexy and healthy, because that’s the Oh! Shoes tagline. But it’s true. They are comfortable. And I’m not just saying that. I even walked all the way to the store and back in them to get birthday cake for my son the other day. Okay, it’s only 3 blocks each way, but 1 of the blocks is a full on hill, and walking in high heeled boots up and a down a hill without falling or getting hurt is impressive, I think. I didn’t even get a blister! Also, I looked pretty hot at the grocery store, and not just from all the sunshine and exercise and sweat.
  2. They’re changing people’s lives. This is true. Oh! Shoes is partnering with Souls 4 Soles, a big charity based out of Tennessee that gives people shoes when they need them. Last year they gave away almost 15 million pairs of shoes. That’s a lot of shoes. And a lot of lives impacted. Here’s what they’re doing, officially:

Oh! Shoes has partnered with shoe charity Soles4Souls to provide a free pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair sold online or at select retail locations.

“Our one-for-one partnership with Soles4Souls expands our company’s mission to Save Women’s Feet by also providing a free pair of footwear to women who are seeking to improve their lives,” said Greg Van Gasse, CEO of Oh! Shoes. “We are delighted that we can help women around the world experience a higher quality of life through this campaign,” he said.

So, since I’m a brand ambassador for Oh! I get to wander around BlogHer with the guys from Soles 4 Souls and talk about helping people with new shoes. Also, there will be parties. And we’ll be giving away shoes in the lobby of the Marriott on Friday and Saturday nights.

If  you want to win some Oh! Shoes at BlogHer, here’s how:

Find us (follow my twitter streams at @juliejulie and @OhShoesOh) give us a business card, and follow our #FreeShoes hashtags on Twitter. We’ll announce when we’ll be in the lobby, we’ll have extra shoes for people to try on, and then we’ll draw a name out and we’ll tweet out the winner’s name. If you’re a winner and you find shoes you like from our stash, you can take them with you right then. If not, we’ll mail you some.

And so now you know how all these little stories will fit together. Because there’s always a reason!

Now, here’s me talking about what we’re doing in this interview with Danielle Smith TV, over at Extraordinary Mommies. She rocks the house, thanks Danielle!

And, uh, yeah, officially, this post was sponsored by Oh! Shoes because they’re one of my sponsors. Amen.