The books were much smaller in the olden days, but I'm sure they would have loved Harry Potter!

We’re in the full swing of summer now, and the teenagers around here are finally getting bored, so I took them to the library. They rediscovered Harry Potter, his friends, and his deathly enemies!

I do not recall seeing my 14 year old daughter all day yesterday. I knocked on her door once, to make sure she was actually home, and still alive. “I’m reading,” she said. So I left her alone. She did come up for dinner at 7:00 p.m. and announced she started and finished book six, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, in one day.


She was on a big Stephen King kick last week, which freaks me out a bit, since I’m NOT a horror book kind of person, but she loves his books, and has worked her way through all the ones she could find in our bookshelves at home.

I remember those long, lazy teenage summer days filled with great big books that were hard to put down. If I wasn’t babysitting, I’d read all day without a trace of guilt or angst about wasting time, like I do now.

I read a bunch of Charles Dickens during my 14th summer. They were all in a row on the shelf at the library, and I’d ride my bike down and get a new one every few days. I’m not sure Mr. Dickens can compete with Ms. JK Rowling for shelf space these days.

What books are your kids reading, and what books did you read at their age?

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