Purple haze: these boots were made for walking and boating.

I’m in Oakland and San Francisco this weekend hanging out with my friend Kristin and looking for new gigs, which means lots of meetings in lots of places. Driving in this traffic can wear a person out, so I decided to take the Ferry today, instead. It was an excellent choice.

My purple Talia boots from my sponsor, Oh! Shoes worked out quite well for commuting, as you can see. Here we are under the Bay Bridge:

Putting the show and tell back in telecommute!

It’s all purple, all the time, and way better than sitting in traffic!

Tonight, Kristin and I are going for chair massages. As in, we sit in a chair and get a massage, not that we’re actually going to watch chairs get massaged. I think. But you never know what might happen here in Oakland when things get purple.

Just sayin’.