No, they aren't sponsoring me, but they should!

I drove to California yesterday, which takes me about 8 hours. I love a good road trip, I enjoy driving alone with my thoughts and Ryan Seacrest’s radio show blaring pop tunes when I’m in range, but John Tesh wears me out a little.

All my road trips start with a new roll of tape, because my 1993 Volvo has sunroof issues, as you may recall (remember when I went through my last drive through car wash?) so I’ve learned to tape up before any big trip. Gorilla Tape is my adhesive of choice. It is far superior to the Duct variety, and I can prove it.

My son and I drove to Seattle last weekend, and on the way home, the Gorilla tape I put on the roof 3 months ago was showing signs of rain damage from Eugene’s recent “summer/winter” rainy weather. Three months isn’t bad, if we’re keeping score.

What a mess! Where's Click and Clack when you need 'em?

I can always hear the wind rush through the peeling tape at about 50 mph. At 70 mph it sounds like we’re in an airplane wind tunnel testing facility, which I’ve never actually been in, but I can sort of imagine the sound. And it’s loud. Things got very loud on the way home from Seattle, so we stopped at Safeway in Centrailia, WA to get new tape. They didn’t have Gorilla tape at Safeway, so we got the “other” brand of tape.

It barely made it to Oregon before it started separating and peeling! Sheesh. And it’s silver, so it doesn’t blend in as well, which is another negative. I like how the black Gorilla tape looks more streamlined and professional against my forest green Volvo V90, but I do think Gorilla tape should work with the car dealers on their color matching every season. Duh. It’s such a good idea, I can’t believe they haven’t thought of it yet. You’re welcome, Volvo.

Also, Volvo, if you’d like to sponsor this blog and give me a new car, I swear that I won’t put any tape what-so-ever on the new car. Also, do you still make those orange station wagons? I’d really like an orange car. It’d look nice with my Chubby Mommy Running Club logo on it. Seriously.

Anyway, I had to re-tape before this weekend’s drive, so I enlisted the boy and made him video tape the whole thing (Coming soon! It’s hard to edit video while I’m running around the Bay Area meeting people for work and riding ferries and goofing off with my friend Kristin!)

And I made the 528 mile drive in under 9 hours, door to door, despite a bit of gnarly traffic once I hit Berkeley. And my car still looks fantastic!

See what I mean about the almost seamless blend? It's like magic, I tell you!

I do need a little more Gorilla Tape on the bumper, but that’s not my fault. I bumped into the curve once, despite my otherwise stellar parallel parking job in front of Kristin’s apartment.

And hey, Katy Perry had the number one song on the radio again this week (thanks Ryan!) And John Tesh told me all about, uh, “digestive” health. So I’m good to go. Literally.

*Why yes, I am wearing a lovely Horny Toad dress! So they are indirectly sponsoring this post, but are not affiliated with Gorilla Tape, that I know of. Anyway, if you want a 40% discount on all regular priced Horny Toad clothing, go their website and enter TOADLOVE as the check out code. I will say, honestly, that their clothes are excellent for car repairs in general and taping things in specific.