I knew I would buy this book!

I was wandering around Dudley’s used bookstore in Bend, Oregon the other day when this  “Are you Psychic?” book caught my third eye. It’s by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. and it’s all about the Free Soul Method of expanding your psychic abilities. He is an MIT trained scientist, according to the cover, so he knows what he’s doing, apparently. But do I? Am I psychic? Are you?

Let’s find out! Every Friday, we’ll work through this book, little by little, and figure out our psychic-ness. Also we should play some games to help  us hone our ESP. If you get good at this, you won’t have to read my blog any more, you can just imagine it.

First of all, let’s talk about the different kinds of psychic awareness. We all have different gifts. Of course. This week we’ll discuss Feelers!

On page 32, we learn about “The Feeling Psychic Reception Area,” which, it turns out, is NOT a waiting room for people who are going to the Psychic’s office.

I think she's giving a free womb concert to interested listeners. She is probably at a party.

Are you a Feeler? Yay for your solar plexus! It monitors “gut” reactions, and serves as your psychic antenna. Which is very cool, if you think about it, because it doesn’t stick out like a bug’s antenna, so you don’t look weird. Unless you decide to get one of these speaker thingys to help capture and amplify your feelings, like this lady did.

Advantages of being a feeler:

  1. It’s a natural and easy to develop skill
  2. Feelers can discern and interpret subtle energy patterns
  3. Being a Feeler helps you empathize with others
  4. Use Feeling skills for monitoring safety and personal protection
  5. Feelers are the best huggers! I swear that’s in the book, page 48, I didn’t make it up.

Disadvantages of being a Feeler:

  1. Prone to pick up other people’s feelings, good or bad
  2. Prone to being psychically overloaded (but if you stop walking around with an amplifer thingy attached to your belly, this feeling could go away.)
  3. Feelers can be overly emotional; easily overwhelemd by feelings
  4. Feelers are often late, bad at deadlines
  5. Feelers hate being rejected

Now, let’s move on to Feeler games!

Imagine someone you know, using your Feeler antenna. Think about their vibrations. How do they feel? Good, bad, angry, healthy, sick? Your psychic vibrations travel from your hands through your body to the abdomen where they are magnified. So, try holding an object, maybe your friend’s running shoe, and attempt to feel the vibrations. Then tell your friend something deep and meaningful about her fitness regime.


Now ask your friend if you were right!

If you don’t have any friends, hold your own shoe, and I’ll try some ESP from here. Let me know when you’re ready, by leaving a comment, and I’ll try to feel something to share. Feel free to try it on me. I love getting ESP’d!