Oh no! I ran out of the dried plum/prunes! You could use raisins in a pinch, I guess. But I don't have any.

Every day at about 3:00 p.m. I suddenly realize I’m starving. And I need food, NOW. And it needs to be a balanced combo-pack of Paleo goodness, which in my case means some protein, fat and carbs. A handful of nuts won’t cut it when I’m on the edge of low caloric meltdown.

I stand in the kitchen and look around, hoping something will jump out at me. I think about eggs, but I usually have some sort of veggie scramble thingy for breakfast and even I can’t eat 4 eggs a day. How about a nice banana? Asks my brain. Shh. I say. MUST.EAT.NOW. You’re so not helping.

And then finally, as if I’ve never ever thought of it before, I remember what I really want is my very own famous curry chicken salad. Just like I want every day at 3:00 p.m.

At first I think it will take too long, because it involves chopping. And then I remember I think that every day, but really, it only takes about six minutes, and even I can wait six minutes to eat. Plus, I can eat while I chop, as long as I’m careful with the knife.

So here it is, friends, my famous Curry Chicken Salad. Along with my disclaimer, as always, is that I have not actually read any of the Paleo Diet books so I just make all this stuff up based on what works for me. And I’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian so if you want to try Paleo based on my recommendations, do your research, and don’t sue me.

My only real claim to Paleo fame is what’s worked for me: in the past six months, I have lost 25 pounds, I ran a half marathon, I’m training for another one, and for a sprint triathlon (sort of, I haven’t decided which one!)

So, I seem to be getting enough good food for feul, and my recent blood tests put my total cholesterol at 155 (under 200 is “desirable”) with my good/bad ration at 2.7 (under 5.0 is “desirable.”) So I’m feeling pretty healthy. Also, I like being in the desirable range.

My personal Paleo rules in general: I avoid all grains, dairy, legumes and all sugars/sweeteners (yes even the “natural” sweetners!) In specific: I eat meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Exceptions to my own rules: I add milk to my coffee every morning (and I know hardcore Paelo-ists don’t drink coffee!) and I use Gu, a runner’s fuel supplement that contains sugar, on my long runs to keep from crashing.

Now, on to the recipe that saves my life every afternoon:

@juliejulie’s famous Paleo Curry Waldorf Chicken Salad.

  1. Open a can of Chicken and drain it, then smoosh it up with a fork. I’ve been using Costco’s, packed in water.
  2. Mix chicken with some mayonnaise (2 Tbs?), curry powder, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and any other spices you like, to taste. Start with 1 teaspoon of curry to see how you like it, then add more.
  3. Add in chopped things like half a Granny Smith apple, some pecans or walnuts, 4 or 5 chopped up dried plums, which are really prunes (get the kind without sugar from TJ’s if you’re a purist.)
  4. Make the dressing in a larger bowl by pouring in some olive oil (3 Tbs?) a splash or two of good vinegar, salt and pepper, and the secret ingredient – almond butter! Whisk it all together. Add garlic or whatever else you like.
  5. Grab a few handfuls of greens – lettuce, spinach, etc. and throw them in the bowl with the dressing, and toss to coat.
  6. Put the greens on a pretty plate, add the chicken on top and voila! Salad! Eat it on the porch with a nice table cloth and a candle. Or, if you’re like me, mix it all in a bowl, scoop out half before your daughter gets wind of it, and scarf it down in front of the computer. My 14 year old loves this salad and asks me to make it for her if I forget that I want it. This makes enough for two. I always think I want all of it, but I can never eat all of it at once. If you save the extra chicken mixture, it makes a nice snack, even without the lettuce, straight from the fridge, the next day.